How To Levitate

If this is your first time using Eco-Lights™ magnetic levitation products, you may need to attempt a few times first before succeeding.

However, once you succeed, it only gets easier!

 Step 1:

Place the base on a flat, non-ferrous surface and turn on the power by connecting the cable to the base and plugging the adapter to your outlet.

Step 2:

Begin with holding any of the Eco-Lights™ products with both hands. Start from the center, about 10 cm above the base, and slowly lower your hands until you are about 2cm above the base. You will feel an upward repulsion force from the base.

Step 3:

Once you feel that it is almost balanced in mid-air (not falling down or being pushed up), gently let go keeping it centered and level. If it ends up being sucked to the base, pick it up and restart from step 2 again. Otherwise, great job, you got it to levitate!

3 Examples:

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3: